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OSM offers two different types of accounts to cover all your local courier needs.

Monthly billed accounts are billed on either the first or the fifteenth of every month. Monthly billed accounts are subject to $30.00 minimum of usage throughout the billing cycle. If you sign up for a monthly billed account and do not meet the minimum your bill could be adjusted.

With a credit card account only the cost of your deliveries for the billing cycle will be charged to your credit card. The billing cycle for this account type ends on the fifteenth of every month. You would recieve a faxed copy of your usage, as well as your reciept shortly after.

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Scheduling a pickup is easy with OSM. Just call our dispatcher, or login to our website and OSM will be by before you know it!

If you already have an account with OSM just give us a call to get the information needed for logging into the website. If you still don't have an account with OSM, decide which of the following account options best suits your needs and fax us an application.

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